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Me and my ex girfriend had been together for almost 6 years. We dont live in the same area. I live in texas and she lives in Louisiana. I know it sounds crazy but we have made it work for 6 years and we saw each other on the holidays. Well anyway she broke up about 2 months ago, and since then we had been trying to work out our problems, while taking a break. Well we talked on the phone and online. one day i played a joke and pretended to be another person online. She found out and took it personally and then we were nothing, not even talking anymore. A week past and she called wanting to start talking/dating again, but not together. I was given another chance but recently i had found out that she met this guy on a link removed website. One night i asked her who she was talking to online and she said the guys name. I questioned who he was and how she met him. She told me that he was just a friend and not to worry about anything, but wouldnt tell me how she met him. I wasnt a believer, So i got into her screen name and found out who the guy was. When i questioned her again about how she met him and told me that it wasnt any of my business. I told her that i knew how she met him and she called me a pyscho and hung up on me. Its been about a week now and ive talked to her once online. She Instant messaged me and we had a casual convo. At the end I asked her if she was dating that guy and she said that they talk on the phone now and she doesnt know where its going but he is a great guy. She said that isnt happy at the moment and if it means talking to somoene else already to make her happy then she is going to do it. She told me that its completely over for now but not forever. That was friday and now it is Monday. She told me that she will always love me and still wants to be friends. but As the days go by I am starting to except it but I do still love her and I want to do anything possible to regain my trust and for us to be together again. Can you please tell me what to do to make her come back or win her back...if it's not possible then can u tell me how to help me get by the days without being heart broken and thinking about that the guy she is talking to that stole my girl away that i truly still love with all my heart. thanks for ur time


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First I have to say that I don't aprove of the way you found out about that guy. Breaking in on here acount?? What's that for? She doesn't want you anymore, although you love her very much. You have to respect her choice! It's difficult, I know that. But doing things this way is only making it worse for the both of you.

Take your distance for sometime. Let her come to you, but stay distand, until she really tells you what she wants from you.

Let her be for some time. If she really wats you as a boyfriend or just a friend, it's up to her to tell you/let you know.

Don't ask here to make a choice right now, gif it some time. She needs to work things out for herself firts.

Just be a (regular) friend, stay in touch every once in a while. But don't be to obvious about your feelings towards her, she knows all that.

Don't be disapointed if she let's you go. That's a risk you'll have to take, that's life!

Keep your head up, and stay possitive! Look around and find someone else, life is not al about this "one" girl you know??!!

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I did what you said. I gave her time and space. She recently started calling more and one night she called telling me that she missed me and that she wants us to talk even as friends. She told me last night that she isnt really talking to that guy anymore and that she told him that she didnt want anything serious. Also she told me that she wants to be friends for the moment cause she needs time alone and to think about what she wants. I respect that but as much as I love her and want us to be together, its hard just be "Friends" with her. Another thing that i dont understand is that she still tells me that she loves me and that she thinks about me and misses me alot. I feel that she is showing more interests in me everyday as we talk but as u know already she still needs time. can u please give me some helpful tips that i can use. I think about her day and night, i m going on with my life while she is having her time alone but its still hard knowin that i want us to be together and i love her soo much. please help me...thanks alot

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