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Trying not to cave in.......


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I told my break-up story in the thread "Can't figure her out". Well I went no contact and its been almost a week. I stopped returning texts and taking phone calls. I blocked her from all of my internet accounts so she couldn't send me messages. Well yesterday afternoon she began sending me random text messages and I ignored them all. Around midnight she started again sending messages asking why am i ignoring her, just tell me what i did to you, and those dreaded three words I miss you. I fought with myself all night about whether to say something to her or not. I kept reminding myself that after 5 years of being with me and barely of month of not being together she is already talking to someone else. However, it was still very hard not to say anything. I know she is trying to suck me back into her trap again because she doesn't have control anymore. I hope if she starts this today I can control myself and not talk to her.

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"What did I do to you"


Jeez, how totally insensitive - she broke your heart, that's what she did to you. And it looks like she wants to stop you mending it. I noted in your previous thread that she started hanging out with a group of girls who all broke up with their boyfriends at the same time. It will be interesting what they will do when some of them get back with their exes or start going out with someone else.


So continue no contact and keep healing.


If she were to text apologising and saying she wants to get back together then, and only then, decide if you still want her. But don't assume, or even hope, that will happen. Assume instead that the relationship is over and carry on with your life.

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change your phone number. she crossed a line she shouldn't have and i'm afraid she's ruined everything. you don't want to waste anymore time or effort on this. she made the stupid choices she did, and unfortunately you do have to live with the consequences of her actions - but that doesn't mean you have to live with them under her terms.


change your number.

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