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Been snooping around, don't know what to do

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I am in a situation where I have a very strong feeling that my ex g/f would get back together with me if I asked her. We have had the most complicated and messed up past 6 months since we broke up I don't even want to explain.


Anyways, my current dilema... I have always wanted to get back together with my ex for the longest time until I have found some things that I probably shouldn't have found. Basically, she has told me that she hasnt' been having sex w/anyone else and she had only slept with this one guy since her and I broke up. Well, one time I had found a box of condoms in her dresser drawer and noticed that some were used up, this was a few months ago. That makes sense if she had only slept w/that one guy.

Well, just the other day, I looked in the box again, and I saw that there are now 7 condoms used up, so obviously someone has to be using them.

I don't know if I can confront her about this or not because 1) I shouldn't have been going through her stuff w/out her permission 2) Maybe someone else other than her has been using them.. she does share a room with someone and also has 2 other roommates. I don't have any "proof" that it was actually her that used them so I can't really confront her about lying to me if I don't know for sure, but I would still like to ask her about it.


Another thing, is that she told me that she would never take any "nude" Pictures of herself. Well, I happened to find a picture which looks like it was a half naked picture of her on her camera phone. I don't know for 100% that that's what it was due to the lack of quality, but I am almost sure that it was a half naked picture of her.


I would like to ask her about these things because I don't think I would feel comfortable getting back together with her if I don't trust her. But yet again, if I ask her about these things, then she is just going to probably get pi$$ed at me and probably not trust me then either, so it just feels like I'm in a lose lose situation. Any ideas???

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