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Torn between two women


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I’m torn between two women.


I’ve been with my girlfriend for around 5 months, and I love her very much, but lately we’ve had a lot of arguments and she can never be bothered to do anything sexually.

Recently I’ve been talking with this women I met a few years ago, she is a very good friend, but I’m crazy about her, I cant stop thinking about her, and I dream about her a lot! I don’t know weather I should stay with my girlfriend or move on to this other women, I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend, but I dont know who if ill love this girl.


What shall I do? Who would I be better off with?



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Well you need to ask yourself, who do you really want to be with? does sexual activity really mean that much to you? do you really want to continue your relationship with your current girlfriend? do you think things can be fixed so you can get what you want out of the relationship? try talking to your girlfriend about your issues with the relationship. if it doesnt work then i think the choice will have just been made a LOT easier.

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I, personally, do not believe you can truly love two people at once.


However, in my experiance if you find that you are drawn to another person then something is wrong with your current relationship. The question is: which relationship do you want to pursue? Do you want to try to work out your girlfriend? Is this just a rough patch or has the relationship run it's course? Would you actually be happy with this new girl or is she just a taste of what you don't have currently?


Think hard and choose carefully. In situations like these one wrong move and you've ruined everything.

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well ive had a few past relationships with this girl, but they always ended because she did something wrong (she stuck her tongue down another lads throat on one occasion) and shes admitted to doing wrong, its not just me.

but i took her back and i told her this is her final chance.


this girl though i havent had a relationship with, but i cant stop thinking about her, shes beautiful and she has a great personality, yet so does my girlfriend.


i just dont want to get hurt again and this girl seems like an oppurtunity.


but i know nothing about her past relationships.


if i finish with my current girlfriend then she turns out wrong for me, ive fluffed it all.

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if i finish with my current girlfriend then she turns out wrong for me, ive fluffed it all.


Exactly!!! That's why it's such a hard decision to make.


From my perspective, it sounds like your current girlfriend and you have had a lot of problems for awhile. It doesn't sound like you've truly forgiven her for cheating on you. Just a guess, but I'm thinking trust is what you guys fight about mostly. And that's also probably why there's no sex.


But, you don't know this other girl. She seems nice, but she could be just as bad as your girlfriend. Or she could be the best thing ever. I can't tell anymore than you can. The only thing I can say is that I think it's wrong to get to know another girl that way while still dating someone. It's like a form of emotional cheating, in my book.


Also: it's probably not a good idea to hop from one relationship to another. Have you ever considered just being single for awhile?

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does this other girl feel the same as you? or do you plan on just taking a chance if you end it with your girl. Your girl has cheated on you. damage has been done. Your wasting time with her. Your only 16 dude. take what you can while you can get it. The game gets harder the older you get. If you dump your girl, dont even jump right into something with this other girl. Just hang with her and get to know more about her. If you guys hook up, keep it at that for a while. You gotta build a friendship foundation first or things will just crumble.

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It doesn't seem like you're that into your gf. You fight a lot and you want sex and she doesn't. Is she your age too? That might have something to do with it.


Anyway, I don't think this is a case of being torn between two girls. Sounds more like you're losing interest in your gf and noticing other girls more. My advice: leave your gf and free yourself up to date around.

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