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College Relationship Advice Needed..


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I made a post on here earlier on.


I was in a college relationship for about 2 months before the semester ended for summer. Great times together, very emotionally involved for the time being, sexual, etc. We decided to not have a title for the summer, but we considered ourselves to be exclusive. We are 5 hours apart during the summer.


She broke up with her ex boyfriend back in January when he told her that she was not worth it. We started towards the end of March. Since the breakup, he has been trying to win her back. Even before I came into the picture, she wanted him out of her life, but recently has wanted to be his friend. I know that he still likes her, while she does not like him. She left for the summer on Saturday. Cried in my arms for 15 minutes. Really upset about leaving. As soon as she got home, her ex started to call her like crazy. She set him straight by telling him that she wasn't interested in him. As time went on, she saw him more frequently at parties(since they have the same friends) and he was becoming more accepting of our situation. He also tried to pin his drug addiction on her.


Her and I would talk regularly about our days, etc. A few days ago, his little sister ended up IMing her and telling her that she was ruining her family. My girl has not done anything to this kid. This led to her slapping her ex at some party that night and telling him to take care of his family * * * * . Also that night, she was talking to her ex about that situation and his friends ended up getting in her face and started yelling at her for breaking up with him.


The next day, she calls me and tells me that she is so stressed with everything. She tells me that she can't give me 100% right now and needs time to straighten out her problems. She wants to cool things off. She told me when she comes back and she's ready, if I'm ready, then maybe it was meant to be. If I don't want it, then it is not. I have been upset about it, but I've put up a good front with her and given her ample space.


She called me at 3 AM last night about more drama with her ex and friends at home. More fights. She called me again today at work and I told her to call me afterwards. She called me to make sure that things were okay with me. She also said that this drama is not allowing her to move forward with me and it's really making her upset. She wants to go back to school badly. I'm putting up a good front with her and all.


My question: Can you interpret her behavior? She has me pretty convinced that the ex is done. What do you think of the situation?

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Tell her you will call her when you guys are back at school.. Then pick up were you guys left off... Have fun summer meet girls.. grow your game... let her fig all that bs on her own.. and she will be back with you in the fall.. and you will be better man... and she will be all over you.. and the ex will be the pyscho... i had a few college rel like this... its young drama... but that has always worked for me..

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