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I almost gave up!

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I long for the day when I can post somewhere else. Saturday morning anxiety. I think I'm better and the pain starts getting deeper. There was such anger I really wanted to scream and break things. What the heck? that is not me. Am I losing it? I guess when you love someone and they pass,peace of mind goes out the window for a while.

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Hey Suzanne-greetings. I'm new at posting so I'm not up on the pm thing yet. I, however do need some one to talk to. It was my mom and if you Have time please look 4 below the post you replied to you will find out more info: I was her chief caretaker for a year,she passed on July 19th '07 I just returned to my place in April. (Mavbe I stayed too long huh? Well I start counseling on this week Thursday. The thought makes me anxious but I seem to be withdrawing instead of getting better. It's just crazy. Tell me what you think.

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I'm sorry for your loss....have felt the way you do, lost my wife to cancer 15 months ago. It WILL get better...if you feel withdrawn from counselling, perhaps get a different counsellor...some are good, some are great. My group counselling helped me enormously!

As for PMing, click on that persons name in the post, options include " Send ____ a Private Message. It's easy.

I wish you well...


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