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Taking a chance


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I'm 24 right now and I've never really been comfortable asking a girl out, I guess I'm sort of shy. As I look back on my past I see a bunch of different relationships that could have happened if I made a move.


Right now I have a feeling that a girl likes me but I'm scared to take the chance of being rejected. I really feel like asking her out for coffee or dinner. I really want to get to know her better. I'm trying so hard to get over that hurdle of fear.


Does anyone have any tips?

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The only advice I can give is that you have to take that chance, just go for it and ask her out to coffee... if you don't it will only add to the regret you have for those other relationship possibilities, and that is much worse than the regret you will have if you are rejected. If you have even the littlest idea that she likes you, you have nothing at all to lose by asking her to coffee.


If you are just very calm and casual when you ask her out to coffee, get her number, and it should be fine.

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Have you ever regretted forcing yourself to do something everyone else says is fun when you're too nervous to try it? (this doesn't pertain to drugs lol) I know in my experience whenever I just dive into things it always turns out well. I recently signed with Michigan to play hockey which is a long way from home. I'm sort of scared to leave home but I know if I force myself to go I'm going to have a blast.

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The thing you have to keep in mind when making your decision is what do you have to lose.

Absolutely nothing and yet you have so much to gain. So definitely take the chance. Be open, smile and natural and I am sure you will do just fine!

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Thanks for all the responses, I think I have finally convinced myself that I have to do it. I will let everyone know the outcome later. Right now I feel very confident which is great, hopefully I will come back with good news.


Good luck! That's all you can be is confident and be proud your taking this risk. Its a risk that you will probably be glad you took. If she rejects you fine, there are plenty of other women who will want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know them!!!! If she doesn't totally awesome and take it one step at a time !!

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