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Hi, Im 17 and I've been smoking cigarettes for 3 years. I want to quit, but its so hard. I've tried and failed. my girlfriend would like me to quit also. I have 2 questions for people here. First off, Im curious, do all girls find it unnattractive when guys smoke, do some girls get turned on by it? Also, what are some cheap ways at quitting without having to buy a patch or nicotine gum?

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hey siefer.


to answer your two questions firstly:

so all girls find it unattractive for males to smoke

no they do not, as women also smoke, i personally wouldnt neccesserily find it unnatractive but i wouldnt look for it either. i have smoked through the past but only through what i saw as stress and a habbit that i got into. so id see it as an urge.


do girls see it as a turn on?

personally no, but im guessing theres girls out there in the right situation where they are deffinitley turned on. but heres a vote for the no section (based on past) from me.



ok about the quiting, what i would say is that...wait...for starters how many a day do you smoke? because cutting down instead of quitting is a deffinite starting point and im guessing it also relieves you in some way i.e stress, so that would be a good thing to cut down. say you smoke, i dojnt know a pack of twenty cut it down to around half and gradually work ou way down.

to end up maybe smoking one or two a day or if possible everyday, youve made it. (obviously dependant upon what you smoke now)


good luck.


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I don't know many girls that want bfs that smoke. I think it's mainly because they don't like the taste or smell when they kiss them. But I'm sure if there's girls that don't like bfs that smoke, there's other that do. Just depends who you meet I guess.


As for cheap ways to quit. Try just cutting down gradually... like if you normally smoke 10 cigarettes a day, only allow yourself to smoke 8 for a few days... then the next week cut down by another 2 cigarettes... and then the next week cut down by another 2 and so on and so forth.


The whole reason for the patch is to cut down gradually on the substance that is so addictive in cigarettes (nicotine) and not breath in the smoke. You can do the same thing by just cutting down gradually. The patch is better for your lungs... you're cutting down on the nicotine without inhaling smoke. But if you're committed to quiting and you know you WILL quit... then doing it just by cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke gradually- would be cheaper.


I lost my grandfather from lung cancer from smoking when I was 10-- he was 63. He'd started smoking when he was 9. His older brother started when he was 12 and he died from lung cancer two years after my grandfather did. My grandmother's in her 80s and she still smokes and has a very bad smoker's cough with a lot of phlem.. sometimes she can't breath very well.


After my grandfather died I saw a picture of a smoker's lung in science class and decided I never wanted to smoke and I never have. Both my parents quit after my grandfather died and the way they did it was as I said above.


I think if you want to quit smoking... the sooner the better.


Just my opinion... Best of luck!!

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i agree with the other posters. just cutting down on how much you smoke a day is a helpful way to quit. i know people who have smoked & thats how they quit. also, you have to want this. if its not something that you really want & your just doing it for someone else, then its going to be harder. i personally don't find it attractive for a guy to smoke, however i don't exactly find it unattractive either. if thats what a guy does, then thats his choice & his right, just as long as he doesn't try to pressure me into smoking, then i don't find it as a turn off. i mean just because you smoke, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. unless your a jerk who treats people bad, then i wouldn't find you unattractive. however, for many reasons, i would prefer a non smoker bf to a smoker.

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I've been trying to quit too. I know people say to gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke a day but it's hard when you have a pack staring you in the face! I know.


Here is something that has helped my cut back a little though. Put your smokes at a very hard to get place. At home I buried my smokes in hole in the backyard. Everytime I want a smoke I have to go outside, get a shovel and dig. Then only take out ONE smoke only and bury the pack again. Also if you work don't take your smokes to work, when you're on your tea break just go upstairs and have a coffee and cake(or whatever the hell you want to eat)


Well this has helped me out somewhat anyway. Give it a go...

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