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You Cant Trust Evryone From Online


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This post is not to ask a question, I just wanted to share a story with everyone to maybe help keep more people safe out there.


There is this girl in my school who im friends with, but not like best friends or ne thing. We are more of aquiantances u could say.


She met this guy online, who was 45 years old, and she is only 16. They talked for awhile, and then she decided she wanted to meet him. So she traveled 6 hours to New York to meet him. When she got their he raped her. She ended up goin to the hospital in New York to get a rape kid done on her. She then had to call up her mothr and father from New York and have them come and get her.


This was a short story, but im sure u all see how scary it is. Just be careful on the internet, this is not the first time ive seen it happen to someone this young, a friend of my friend also was raped and beaten, that was a long time ago. But all im trying to say is u cant trust people of th internet.

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I honestly dont know what shethought he wanted from her. A 45 year old man obviously is looking for something from a 16 year old, well io would think. But she is verbally harassed at school a lot because of the way she plays men. Maybe she thought that this would be different adn she could have something with him, but that never happens does it?

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hey colls.

im sorry to hear about this friend of yours, nothing like that should happen to anyone. i guess it was a moment of judgement or instinct where she thought it was right to go, as you said to possible find comfort in this man. i personally wouldnt go and see people over the internet but nor would i pass off a friendship that just remains online.


i am very sorry to hear what happened to hear and i hope she recovers, in all aspects of physically, emotionally, intellectualy and socially, i believe that it will be hard to overcome.


how was it that she came accross the idea, to travel so far to meet this man?



at all times life can bring evil upon others and we believe that no one can be trusted. one time my friend said, how can we believe that all people online are evil or wanting bad, if we are online and wanting good.


sorry and i wish her well.


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This story breaks my heart once again, because things like this happen, and really don't have to.


I don't blame any of this on the "internet", I just can't see it that way. People put themselves in situations like this, and then tend to blame it on "internet dating". Look at it from this point of view:

If the girl was 16, on vacation alone to New York, and walked into a club and met some 45 year old guy... would it be safe for her to just go home with him? Do you think his intentions would be correct because they had met in person first, and not on the internet?

I feel strongly that the internet is no different than talking to someone in real life, but the only possible difference is in how it's perceived. People really need to take responsibility for their own actions, and not put themselves in these situations.


I am not excusing what this man did, rape is wrong any way you throw the dice, but in situations like these, I tend to think that the victims make themselves easy targets... and that's exactly what rapists are looking for.


Just my input, good topic!


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I would understand if the guy pretended to be another teenager, that she could have been tricked in her innosense into believing in someone's words, but heck, people are turning up killed and missing all the time.

Why take chances chasing some stranger?


If she is continuously harassed at school, then she may have been looking for attention she isn't getting at home or school. But she put herself in harm's way. This is unacceptable.


Are you friend's with the girl? What kinds of things does she do that elicits the abuse from people: act all rosy one minute and then is put off completely by some simple form of abuse the next? Does she smile at the abuse, like at least it is some form of attention?


People need personal barriers to abuse, and they need to learn not to overreact to a small situation. I assume there are counselors at the school that you attend? Do they help her at all?

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I have to admit, the first thought that crossed my mind was "this girl was 16, going 6 hours from home on her own - how did this take place at all? How did she manage this as far as her parents permitting her to go this far away?"


I don't mean that in a nasty way - and it's horrible that there are people who will take advantage of a young girl's inexperience and trust this way. But it seems to me at least part of the responsibility here lies with her parents - it wasn't in her backyard, and 6 hours away is a 12 hour round trip.


I hope she recovers from this - and that it serves to warn everyone that you can't trust people's intentions that easily, on the internet OR in person. Especially, as was said, when it involves a minor and someone so much older their intentions are automatically in question.

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I Have to Agree With The Post Above Me.. Some of The Responsibility Lies with The Parents, I Mean Come on.. I'm 16 and My Parents Would Kill Me If I Decided To Take a 6hr. Trip To Meet Someone. I'm not Gonna Down Meeting People off The Internet Cause I, Myself Have Met People Offline, BUT I've Always Talked With Them For Awhile and Never Met Them Alone nor Have I Decided To Just Take Off and Go That Far Away and Never Would I Want to Meet Someone That Much older Then Me, Cause I mean a 45y/o Man Wanting to Meet a 16y/o Girl. I'm pretty Sure She Knew He Wanted More Then Just to Meet.

Guess Some People Just Don't Think About The Consequences.

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