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talked to ex after two months......confused

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my ex and i broke up in the middle of september.soon after, we stopped talking completely, almost on bad terms. he said he didn't know what he wanted out of us talking, a friendship or just being acquaintances, so i took that as the initiative to stop contact with him and get on with my life. and i did, i got a great job and threw all of my energy and focus into my job and going out with my girlfriends. his birthday was the end of last month, so nicely, i sent a card, which prompted me to text him and see if he got it. the conversations through txt were sort of bitter and spiteful (i guess that's what happens when you don't talk for almost two months) and i just let it go. unfortunately, a lot of personal things have been happening in my life, and none of my friends are very supportive of me because they're involved with their own relationships. i texted my ex the other night and asked if we could talk and he agreed. i called him yesterday afternoon, and a few hours later he called back. mind you, this is the first time i've heard his voice in two months, so i was a little scared. our conversation went really well...almost an hour, no fighting, very upbeat and friendly. we never even touched on the subject why i was calling him to talk, and i even asked if he was SURE it was alright with him to call him and he said it was. he had just gotten to work so he said you know give me a call sometime okay? and i asked if i could call sometime this weekend (i mean i DO have a lot on my mind lol) and he said it wasn't a problem and we ended on a very good note.

now i have seen other guys since our breakup, casually. i've accepted the breakup, but i still love him dearly if that makes sense.

his friends, however, are spiteful and they make it well known they don't like me. even my friends who are in that inner circle have turned on me. and they all imply that he's moved on to sleeping with and seeing other girls and etc...whether that is true or not, but it got me kind of paranoid that if he is seeing someone, what is he doing calling me? and on top of that, he has NO idea what i'm calling him to talk about, so wouldn't that be playing with fire on his part if he DID have someone new in his life? he was definitely not a cheater, so i can't see him doing something like that.

I just don't want to screw anything up again for the second time. he didn't have to call me, and he didn't have to be nice to me.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks



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Well he might just want to be your friend and maby he wants to be more, that is one thing that you are going to have to find out for your self. What are you going to talk about? Talk about what ever comes into your mind. I know that you love him. But dont put all your hopes into this. Take every thing slow and remember why you to broke up in the first place. I Hope that this helps

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well he might not be calling you because he wants to get back with you. he might just want to talk to you & see how things are going. i think that its ok to continue to talk to him, if thats what you want, but i think you should move on from him. if his friends are acting mean towards you now that you are broken up, then they were never your friends in the first place & you need to just not worry about them because they don't matter.

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