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The receptionist at the gym...


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First time I went to the gym she was there and it seemed like she was being flirty, talking. We share Hello / goodbye's with each other and occasionally chat for a minute about nothing. We both live in the same neighborhood and she's gorgeous and seems really fun.


I mean it's her job to be friendly... I don't know how to approach her or the situation.


Any ideas?

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Not every guy could pull that one off, ghost.


why not?



or you could go up 'so do you work out too?' just start up a conversation.


there is a guy at my gym that buys smoothies for like 45 minutes and sits and talks over the counter with the girls that work back there. he's such a tool though and i don't think gets anywhere with them. but it looks like he tries.

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It's really tough with women in reception areas. If they are good looking, and many are hired specifically because they are, know that you are almost never the only man there hitting on her. If I were going to hit on a woman at a reception desk, would figure out some way to do it when she was away from the desk and the heightened forcefield she likely places around herself there.


You live in the same neighborhood, is there a local night place? If so, mention you are headed there casually and offer her a drink if she drops by. Sorry, not much help.

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if you can make her laugh you'll break her "shield". its only there to get rid of the amount of times guys approach her.


anyway you're asking a hard question. instead of trying your line on a particular girl at the reception desk, go to a bar or a club where there are 50 of "her" and try it there. i could give you something to say, but your chances of getting a number are better in a social environment

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