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Advice - What do I do on her birthday


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Is it wise to break NC to wish someone happy b'day?


My ex, who I dearly want back, has just plastered pics of her and the new man all over facebook. This made me enter a state of NC, which I was practically in anyhow.


At the moment I want nothing to do with her and want to keep a distance to heal up and enjoy life. She tells me she wants to be friends, which I have trouble believing, but for the next 4 months whilst I'm overseas I just want to leave them the hell alone.


If I miss her 21st, is this likely to make her thing I'm someone arrogant and selfish or something else?


The selfish part of me is thinking to give them enough time to see how they are once the honeymoon period finishes, the rest of me is thinking "screw em", I',m travelling, they're not, I can have as much fun as I can on my own.



Although the answer is pretty clear, I'm torn between breaking all contact so I can heal up, get past false hope and enjoying myself to trying to be a good mate and sending her a cursory happy birthday.


Lastly, if time does heal all wounds, if I do miss it and she speaks to me months down the line, can forgiveness creep into the mindset?

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you are still hoping she is going to come back...you want to be nice to her. You want to show her that you care for her...


You know what! In her eyes, you are a fool and she is selfish..If she really loved you, she would've not posted those pics all over the place..


Believe me mate, I have gone thru those moments...


Just ignore and move on..DONT send her bday wishes! 4-6 mos you will be fine and will be with a new woman..



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i ask myself this question everyday.

he didnt text me on mine a couple weeks ago.

his comes up in june and i wanted to leave him a voicemail but im so torn on being the bigger guy and being pegged as a cant let go guy all over again

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