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Facebook question.


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Does it mean anything if, say you've been msging a person a bit, and then they decide not to continue the convo but add you as a friend instead? i mean why add if you dont want to talk? in my case i found someone who went to the same highschool as me.. so i'm just curious.


I had no idea where to post this question btw. so i just put it here lol..

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This is only the impression i get from my daughter & her friends but..

They seem to add as many people as possible because it makes them look popular..


Its like they are competing. Very sad yes..


As KR356 says though,maybe she will want to add you so that you can chat again at some point..

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I doubt this will help much, but imho, FaceBook and the like (et al MySpace) all suck. They're horrible for relationships. Sure, the occasional re-acquaintance of the high school derelict is always used as the excuse for such memberships, but in the end you'll find that these things always ironically seem to be in the mix of every drama explosion caveat.

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Hey Facebook is not as bad as myspace, with the whole "top friends" thing... but there is an application on it, i hate that app!


And yea she probably added you to have more friends. MY friends ex recently joined facebook and added like half my friendslist, including my brother who she has never talked to, and also added my friend (her ex) ... I personally like facebook, because i love looking at my friends pictures and their whereabouts. Although i have a really bad habit of changing my status way too much >.

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People often fail to respond to messages on Facebook. Either they don't think you expect a response, or they don't have time, or they forget that they never replied. Don't take it personally.


It's good that they added you as a friend. However, the thing about Facebook is that a lot people add almost everyone they have contact with, so the friends list doesn't really mean much.


I have had people from my high school add me to their friends list, even though I never hung out with them outside of school (or even talked to them in classes about anything other than school work).

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