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He said he would change..


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My bestfriend.. I love him as much as I can love another person, but that is all he is, my bestfriend.


I know he loves me and wants more, but he has said time and time again that he knows that I only need him as a friend and he is ok with that.. I understand that it would be hard for him.. but it's hard for me too, knowing that I can make him happy by being with him, but that would make me miserable because i don't want to be with him in that way, and it would just screw the friendship and the relationship wouldn't work... plus i just got out of a very long serious relationship so the last thing i am looking for is another one..


he used to go from being my bestfriend to not talking to me all the time, to telling me that he hated me.. he promised that he had changed and that he just wanted to be in my life no matter what.. that he was stupid and imature...


now while he hasn't said anything, i'm pretty certian that he is pissed off at me... for what i have no idea, but finding that i'm not on his friends list in facebook and he didnt even want to hug me before he left lastnight.. well that gives me an indication that he is not happy with me... and i thought we had a good night last night.. it was fun...


Maybe I am over reacting, but yea.. i dont know if i can handle the friendship if he is going to do this again.. but i dont want to lose him either..



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Look at this from his point of view - he loves you but you don't love him and he knows that.


Every time he is with you it makes it worse for him.


I feel sorry for him. I hope soon that he finds someone to love who loves him back.

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I feel for this guy, imagine him as being a bit like a ping pong with his emotions. He loves you, he wants you in his life, he spends time with you, he wants more, he can't have more, he backs off, he goes no contact, he can't cope without you cus he misses you too much ~ and the whole thing starts off again.


Do you really and truly understand how hard is for him ? He says he understands, yes he does, but his heart doesnt...


Im not saying its easy for you either, but thats my take on it.

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yea i do understand how hard it is for him.. but saying he will wait for me just incase doesnt help the situation, and when i have feels for someone else it doesnt help either because usually i will have to ignore those feelings to make sure he isnt hurt..


wish i could just fix the situation, like just make myself love him the way he needs me too, or make him stop loving me..


but life isnt easy is it lol

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