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I guess I blew it somehow. . . :(


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Oh well, thanks for all the advice people gave me over the last week. I broke down and called a girl who I recently met last night. It was a little late but I hadn't heard from her since Sunday night. I called a few times and left a couple of messages, but normally she calls me at least by the next night.


She warned me she would be busy, but I wonder if she just lost interest. I am about to delete her number off my cell phone to keep myself from calling her again. Where is my dignity??? Oh well. I am really disappointed but oh well. I know there are others. . .


I guess I what bugs me the most is not knowing if she is truly too busy or if she just isn't interested. My friends said if she doesn't call me by today give up. I gues that is why I tried to call her last night. She was really nice. I just don't get it. Chics are weird.


I am thinking about calling her at work, but I guess you all will tell me that is a bad move if she hasn't called me back yet. . .

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What you need to do is stop focusing all this attention on just one women who isnt even your girlfriend. Until you two become an item you need to search the seas for more fish. Go out and meet new chics and then you wont be waiting all day and night for her to call you. You need to get into more stuff. And go out more. That way the waiting will not seem so bad.

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