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EX GF of about 15 months trying to contact me.


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My Ex GF, who has been an Ex for 15 months (Who told me she didnt love me enough to marry me 3 days before our wedding and left me to deal with everything) all of a sudden is trying to contact me after what seems like 10-12 months of NC.


I have no desire to talk to her but she keeps calling and sending me texts. I have no resentment towards her but have no desire to try and be friends or anything else with her.


Should I respond to her? Or just continue to ignore her calls and texts? She claims that she just wants to be friends in her vmails and texts. But I have 0 desire.

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Once again, my solution is to watch the movie, "I Think I Love My Wife" starring Chris Rock. It teaches you that you can either send her a firm voice mail, or just ignore her calls until she gets the hint.


Watch the movie. It'll do a lot of for your future, at the cost of an hour and a half.

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I guess you could just stick with the NC and hope that she does get it at some point, that you are not interested in talking to her, or being friends for that matter. However, it might take some time for the message to sink in, seeing as you have already been on NC for a while...


So the preferable option in my view would be to let her now what you think and how you feel. However, I probably would do it in a letter or in an email (a text message might do if you can keep it that short?!)...actually talking to her on the phone might just encourage her to argue with you about why you wouldn't want to be friends...


Hope that helped?

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