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Despising you is easy,

The way you are I hate,

I never want to see you again,

Even as a mate,

You treated me like crap,

And abused the way I trust,

For you it was only ever,

About the sexual tension and lust,


You never say your feelings,

Or even care about mine,

I cannot stand to be around you,

For any length of time,

You laugh and smile and lie,

It seems you think that's right,

You put on this other face,

That's full of empty might,


So I ask you now to leave me be,

And let me hate your way,

All I am is honesty,

And this is what I say,

That you are less than I am,

You haven't learnt a thing,

In 35 years as a human being,

Have you experience to bring?

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