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The pain is back....


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Don't know why or what caused it....today has been the worst in awhile.

My chest is hurting, my mind reeling, can't focus, constant crying. Everything reminds me of her, radio, people on the street, everything.

I am missing her so much, a bright spring day, and wish I had her to share it with.

I hate this!!!!!! Loneliness times 100.......

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I'm sorry you feel like this KG. Feeling the way you do doesn't mean anything other than you love her and you miss her and there is nothing wrong with that nothing at all. So if you feel like crap to day then you feel like crap today but it doesn't mean you will feel like this tomorrow. Have a cry and think about her, there is nothing wrong with having days like this.


Thinking of you buddy.

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Must be the weather or something. You've had these feelings before and they passed right? These ones will too. Course of nature and all that. Doesn't feel like it I know. Feels like it'll go on forever. You're the strongest one of us all though. That's how I know you'll make it through.

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I think I'd be worried about you if you stop missing her altogether. While the incidents get fewer and farther in between that it comes on with such full force, don't place any expectation upon yourself that they will go away completely or at some "final destination" of grieving. She is with you for a lifetime. She will be. And so sometimes she will visit your thoughts and heart at vulnerable times, for mysterious reasons, by subtle or not-so-subtle reminders. It's good to know it won't last, this feeling you have right now. But it's also good to know that because you will always love her, you will always be able to contact that connection to her. You can't love someone forever and eradicate that. So just embrace the "contact" that is a reflection of your closeness, don't try to run from it. It's a moment of love, this.

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Thanks to all of you.....

TOV, I would never try to run from it...it is one of my connections to her. It just surprises me so when it comes out of the blue, so strong and fierce!

Am better now...I still have a heavy heart, but not crying anymore.

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I think she's there enjoying this bright spring day with you. And she wants you to smile.


I think I'd be worried about you if you stop missing her altogether.





I know you're most definitely not running from it KG. You're doing just what you should be, expressing your feelings. Unfortunately you don't get to pick when these things happen.


There's nothing wrong with how you feel today. You just need to get it out. She's a part of you, KG. She always will be.

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Ah hun, I'm sorry you're having a bad day. The only thing that will make you feel better is just not worrying about feeling better.

Let the pain come, feel it, soak it in and it will pass


When the universe created us, it forgot to build a "off" button for our minds.


Breathe hun, it will pass

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