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How to quit new job in new state

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Hi there,


I took a job that sounded really good, lots of pay, extra's and lots of opportunities in the future. Its with a really big international company too. I had to move around 1,400 miles away from where i used to live...so away from all my family and friends.


The thing is that its really boring and no one talks. So sometimes I sit at my desk doing nothing because i have no work and i time how long people go with out talking ( I got to over 7 hours once). I am moving to another department in one year, so i don't know if it will get better or not. I don't know if i dont like the job because i am home sick. They also paid for me to move, so if i quit i have to give the money back


Any suggestions on what i do?

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I moved to the other side of my country too for work (yes, it's not comparable in absolute distance, but still, I can relate!). It's difficult to start a new social circle, but I think you will enjoy your work more when you have friends around you. It's definitely not a good thing that you feel bored in a job though, but I would wait until you are moved in a different department.


Also, if you are bored, why not ask for more responsibilities? Have you invited your colleagues for a housewarming after you moved?


I am very passionate about my work, but had a terribly boring job as a first job (only lasted for about 8 months in total). It was not in my field, but it paid lots and had excellent future possibilities (this was before I moved for my current job). I would personally rather be earning less in a job that I love than earning lots with a job in which I am counting the minutes. If things don't improve after you have been transfered, I'd look for another job. At this moment, you have invested too much to not wait it out I think. What do you know about the other department?

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i have been here for around 5 months. Its not too much having friends after work, as i know a couple of people and i go home on the weekends a bit. Its more the social side of work. Just little things like people asking how your night was, did you watch this show last night etc. Thanks for the advise, i might as well wait till i work in the next department. I don't know what it will be like, but i dont think it could be worst. Thanks

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It sounds like the corporate culture there is quite chilly... or perhaps just the group you work in? Can you walk around and see if in other departments people are more upbeat and sociable.


I've been at a company like there where it just felt like death it was so subdued. Groups tend to take on the character of who runs them, so it could just be your little group.


Why not see if elsewhere in the company is better suited to your personality, and if not, then consider leaving. But i'd wait out the period you need to get them to pay for the move rather than paying them back, unless you hate it so much you can't stand it.

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