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I'm attracted my best friend!!! HELP

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I've been friends with this girl for a couple of years and now I'm starting to really like her. I've thought about talking to her and see if we can get together. I don't want to ruin our friendship but I do want to possibly get together.

I'm am not sure if she is attracted to me but what makes me think she might be is that lately she has complementedme on things about me. For example the last time she complemented me she said, "You have the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen."


How do you think i should bring this up to her?

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I always had the same problem. My bestfriend is a girl and I kept on getting mixed signals whether she like me or not. The problem is that you are afraid you may make the friendship ackward if you tell her how you feel. But tell me something, isn't your relationship already ackward because of the fact that you are attracted to her? I tell you to step it up now and find out. Honestly I struggled for months trying to finding a way to see if she really likes me or not. I don't think complements are indicators of a girls attraction because I compliment girls all the time. My method to find out is this: Ask her what type of guys are she attracted to, personality and physical wise. If you are a guy who skinny and tall, and she says she is attracted to short and fat guys, then you are pretty much out of the picture. When asking this question, don't ask out of the blue because she may find it weird. Take her to a romantic movie and ask her afterwards, or watch a those many romantic reality tv show and then ask her. Good luck!

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Greetings l)unno,


If shes takin an intrest in u then great. Take things slowly, DONT rush into anythin or rush her. Try compliment her back and see what recation u get from her. If ur goin 2 get 2gether what always works 4 me i once u both are goin out is tell her if we break up in any way that u will always be her friend no matter what happens.


I broke with my ex about 4 months and we are the best of friends now even when she's got another bf.


If u cant be her bf be the best friend she could ever hav, it will hav it rewards to come.


best of luck


- whitefang

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