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something confusing happened to me yesterday. I had been in the library all day writing an assignment, and my friend and I decided to take a break in the union. We were talking for a long time and I ended up telling her that I think I'm gay rather than bi, that I can tolerate the idea of sleeping with a guy but that I'd rather sleep with women, and that if I ever went out with a guy it would probably be because I was lonely and sick of being single and waiting to find a woman.


Then out of the blue, 2 really good looking guys came and sat with us. My friend was flirting like crazy with one of them, but he was ignoring her and kept looking at me and smiling and I found myself doing the same back. My friend for some reason told the guy that I'd just come out of a relationship with a woman, and he asked me if I was gay. To my surprise I told him that I was bi! I'm not sure why I did that when I'd just been telling my friend that I thought I was gay. After about 20 minutes I said I was going back to the library. We'd only just met these guys, but the one who had been looking at me said 'ok well seems as I'll probably never see you again I'm gonna take a risk', and then kissed me! Then he walked off and I was left standing there smiling and feeling.. I don't know. It was so random, and seemed so ironic that they turned up just when I was talking about my sexuality.


He said he might drop by the club I work at tonight and I found myself hoping that he does. I'm so confused now, I thought that I didn't like guys. I don't know if I just liked the attention I was getting from a good looking guy or if I was attracted to him. His kiss made me smile, and I liked the fact that he had the confidence to kiss someone he'd just met. I don't know.. it's not like I went to bed fantasising about sleeping with him or anything. Maybe this attraction isn't sexual.. women make me feel different to men but maybe I'm attracted to both in different ways? I hate not knowing what I am!

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Sexuality is fluid.

We gays often tell the people who dislike gays or whatever that love is not based on gender or anything else, it's based on love. We queers should think the same thing- love is NOT about gender. You love where your heart leads you.

Just go with that, babe.

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