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I am not good with this long distance relationship thing. I have posted several times about my and my bf who has moved about 3 hours away. I waited for him to call me yesterday like he said he would, but he never called. Should I call him or just wait? I know he is probably busy or maybe in jail paying his unpaid tickets off, but still I would like to know what is going on. I trust him there is no doubt about that. I am just afraid that he doesn't love me like he used to. He is not one to keep his mind to himself. If he doesn't like something he is going to tell you weather it hurts or not. He is just straight forward which I like. Again should I continue to wait to hear from him or just call him myself. I find myself getting sadder each day as I am away from him.

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Absense is suppose to make the heart grow founder, not further and further away. Call him once every day. And if he doesnt call you back atleast a few times a week, then you may be in trouble. However keep in mind that if he does not have a cell phone, Long distance bills are hell to pay for. He may truly not be able to afford the bill and doesnt know how to tell you he can't call you. Call him a few times, and I"m sure he will call you back. Only if the calls start becoming once a week should you start worrying!!!

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hey lil_mamarains13,


from what you have stated within your post, it seems that you have got a good man, it may seem odd to some that a person would tell them their opinions and views on things, good or bad but it isnt a bad thing. to have someone like that shows that they are open and wont hurt you in the long run. and through what you have said and your sure on that point?? then i feel that you have a little less to worry about than what you first thought. like you said he would tell you if there was a problem.


as for the calling him, i would say that within one day it could be that he hasnt found the time to ring. maybe the option of texting him could be a little more subtle. but when your with someone (being on the other hand) it is fair to ring them just as long as its not presistant.


good luck in your relationship. and if you have any more questions i will try to help.


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