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Am I asking for trouble?


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If it helps, I am emailing 2 guys at once... And was chatting to another one until about 2 weeks ago when he dropped off the radar.. lol...


Everyone here told me to keep my options open and not put all my eggs in one basket.. So I am, it feels funny... But it's kinda fun... On the other hand, I think if one stood out about the others, I would probably be focusing on him anyway.. At the moment, I am a bit iffy about both these guys.


I say talking and meeting a few guys is fine.. Just not having more of a relationship with multiple guys at once. But online, there are no issues!



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I did the same when I was doing on line dating, except I never thought of it as "talking" as if it were a stage or had anything to do with dating or interest in dating me.


We spoke by phone once or twice in order to make a plan to meet in person ASAP because I wasn't in the market for a phone or e-mail buddy. And that helped with the names because once you meet in person typically you won't want to see all of them again or vice versa so it dwindles down to something more manageable. You're not dating any of them so I'm not sure why it would matter if you were having conversations with a hundred different men other than you need to sleep!


Have fun!

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