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I Think i love my best friend

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umm ok


i think im in love with my best m8 so i need u 2 tell me 1st am i i cant stop thinking of her and i feel empty inside unless im with her talking bout her or talking to her when i think of her i fell a little less empty. and mi friend and i like her but she really likes him and wants 2 be with him so if i c dem 2gether it wont make fights but its going to tear me apart they havnt gone out yet but i noe just seeing them next to each other and they really like her so should i was thinkng do i sit it out and mayb thell break up and go then or do it now but im worried if i do it now it make things weird between us and id un wanna loose her friendship

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hey you know what.....i guess i too am in the same situation that you are in. this girl was my best friend for about 4 years and then i realized that i was in love with her.


i think it'll be a good idea if you could explain the situation to one of her trusted friends and ask that person to find out weather she has the same feelings for you too.


if the anwser is negetive....i dont think it'll be a good idea to try to go out with her. dont worry...there are a lot more fish in the sea.


good luck


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Greetings rusty_boi,


I m in a similar situation as yourself. Im in love with my best friend and she's allready got a bf. I feel empty inside when im not with her, i've only known her for about 4 months (not long, i know) but were really close. We spend most of our college time 2gether and i love every minute of it but weekends and holidays she spends with her bf and eats me inside, but thats life 4 u. There hav been times when i've wanted 2 confess my feelins but i havnt because of what i might do 2 our friendship.


The best thing 2 do is to go along with whatever decision she makes, i know it will hurt u inside but by showin support and by showin that u care 4 her by sayin that if she ever needs 2 talk or a shoulder 2 cry on that ur always there 4 her.


Be the best friend she could ever hav, it has its rewards in time 2 come.


Best of luck


- whitefang

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No matter how strongly you feel about your friend, don't just blurt out your emotions because it prolly will ruin the friendship. This can cause all sorts of trouble. Instead, take it slowly, and SHOW how you feel about her and show her how much better you are than the other guy. You can start by hanging out in groups and slowly and carefully hang out with less and less people. Eventually when you two hang out by yourselves, the more that you do together, the more that you will grow close together and the more natural it will be when you finally add the words to that feeling you have for her. *sigh* As someone said, the words should be the crowning glory - they should NEVER be the lightning bolt surprise out of the blue. Good luck dude!


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Woah, small world, isnt it? I feel like I'm in the same situation as most of you as well. I've started liking my female friend more than a friend. tvu123 gives some very good advice. Don't just say how you feel out of nowere and quickly. Slowly, show her how you feel, and when the right time comes, tell her how you feel the right way. Trust me, it works, and you know what. My friend has started getting closer to me because of this . However, I still havent had the guts to tell her how I feel . But someday, I will, as all of us will . And rusty_boi, hope things work out for the best for ya.

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