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I am feeling very sad lately because I think my boyfriend is bored with me. I don't know what to do, but lately he is very busy with him going back to school now and it seems like he is just tired of me and wants out but wont say it. I don't know what to do. I wrote him a letter asking him if this was the case and he always says "No I'm just busy?" I don't know..What do you think. Could he be tired of me. Please help? We have been together a year and half, maybe he just is bored with me?

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No idea if he has, but asking him that is the absolute wrong move. If he wasn't bored with you, it planted the idea that he might become bored. If he is, it mihgt have made him aware of it, and at the least he knows you think it is possible.


Being upbeat and confident is the right move. Also, make him try to chase you a bit, on the phone or for a date or otherwise, then when he catches you give him the idea that will always be there. The so-called cat and mouse game. You don't want to ever seem desparate for his attention, even if you feel that way. When you are getting it, enjoy it and act thankful for it, but don't always make it easy for him to give it to you. he should be doing the same.

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