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Hey everyone,


Was just wondering..


The other day i found a milky substance coming out of my right breast,is this normal? I dont think its possible that i am pregnant as i am on a contraceptive pill. Though i suppose nothing is 100 % .


Also,ive been feeling sore after sex,and im also finding that im not as horny as i usually am.I dont know if this is connected in any way.


Has anyone experianced similar symptoms?


Thanks for any advice

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You might want to see a doc just for a check - it's usually hormonal imbalance, and apparently not uncommon to be associated with being on bc pills. Since you said your sex drive has been down a bit and you've been sore, and that can also be hormonal - I'd get checked, the doc might want to switch your pill to a different brand or dosage.

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I agree.


See a doctor. I don't believe there should be discharge. And if you're otherwise healthy, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Especially see a doctor if your breast are sore or are very tender.... could mean something needs medical attention.


Best of luck and happy holidays dear!

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