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I think I was threatened yesterday by someone I knew

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I don't even know how to write this, but I'm scared.. I was harassed and threatened yesterday.. it was someone I knew from a long time ago.. Not dated or anything....

But I'm afraid to say anything, even here.. there was a whole crowd of people watching the guy harass and physically threaten me...

and no one came to my help.

I was able to get away, but later I told my friend I have known for awhile and the person who harassed me happened to be inside a place my friend frequents and was talking to me outside of.. I told my friend, he just shined it on, telling me to go "on with my life, and brush it off!"

I was like, Yeah, but i'm scared, that same guy is inside the building where I want to go...


Not only do I feel scared.. I feel like I NEVER went to go to that neighbor in town again, and it's a place where everyone goes...myself included.. one of my favorite stores is there... and other place I like to go...but now I once again, feel like no one cares about my welfare.

Once, several years ago, I was threatened by a family member, and my grandmom did not even come to my rescue.. she saw me lying on the floor after the family member pushed me accross the room, and asked if HE was alright.

The guy who threatened me was this huge black guy, he's over 6 feet tall at least, and very muscular, he must weigh at least 200 lbs and none of it seems to be fat.

If he had managed to get to me... I was in my car at the time he came after me.. I would of been in serious trouble..

I don't know what to think... but I'm tired of being abused and assaulted and no one even caring!

This is garbage.... why does this happen to women? why does no one care about our welfare? It seems so unfair.. cuz I'm certainly not 6 feet tall....

This guy who threatened me pulled this in broad daylight.

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Where do you live?


If that happened anywhere sound of the Mason Dixon...I'd be suprized...if I saw something like this happen, police would be called and that 6' 'man' would have a 6'4' 250 rugger blocking his path to you.


Did he touch you or just yell at you? If he was just yelling, it is likely people didn't want to interrupt your business...if he was grabbing you or pushing you...you should have called police and filed assault charges and I'd be suprized if noone did anything.


Then again, I live in DC where a decent percentage of the citizens are ex military...and most military men don't bear witness to the harassment of women without doing something.

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thanks jettison.. I see some of the states have restrictions to using these things. what kind of restrictions do they have?


I left you a private message russ978.. i feel afraid to even talk about, it. it was that intimidating!

Do me a favor and read that and tell me, if you were a woman, wouldn't you feel he had threatened you??


I don't know what it is, but I feel really shakey and nervous and scared today.. like I have lost all my composure. I remember thinking I wanted to go accross the street from where this happened and check out the earth day pamphlets and stuff they had, but I was afraid to park my car anywhere that this guy might see it, or me...


I was going to stay in that area and attend this event they had for yesterday, but I was literally afraid to...so I went home and came back after dark.... and then i saw him again.. but he did not see me, thank god!!

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What did he say?


I'm sorry that people you know don't seem to be taking you seriously.


I'd report him to the police. And if I saw him again, I'd tell him that if he harmed me he'd be the first person on the police's suspect list.


Why did he threaten you? What did he say he'd do to you? What happened?


Do you see this person frequently? Was he drunk?


If I knew more I think I'd be able to give better advice.

But from what I know now, I would suggest reporting him.

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