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Amnesia at night...update!


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Just got back from my physical...asked my Doc about the late night amnesia I've sbout before. He said it's typical of being tired, or stressed, or both. The mind is trying to carry on a convo, and at the same time, trying to put you to bed. So the convo takes 2nd stage to the tiredness....

So then I asked about the Lexapro I'm on...can it contribute to this...he excused himself, came back with another patient, a fuy about 48, good shape, probably works construction. He told me the same thing happens to him....late at night, speaking with his parents in California, can only recall bits and pieces of what they said the night before...is on no A/D's. So I guess this answers the Q....

As for the rest of the exam...Green light all the way, blood pressure good, pulse normal, weight 5 pounds down, but gaining. He noticed I look physically

healthier ( working out ) than 3 months ago! So all good news!


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