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Does he even care??


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welll...i "fancy" my best guy friend...one of my only friends at the moment...

and he knows i really like him and care about him alot, after all we've been through alot.

and now...he is ignoring my feelings and keeps telling me things like "oh i hang out with this girl alot and i like her too" or "oh haley is soo hot".

i feel so jealous and like i'm going to punch some1!!!errg!!!

and what am i supposed to do? just act jealous?! no...he is my friend and he'll think i'm annoying...

i just pretend to care even though i'm glad he is happy at least..

but rite after he shares that with me..i get in a bad mood and he knows

it makes me feel well...ugly and fat compared to them...

and i may come off kinda mean when i'm in a bad mood..

does he do this juss to * * * * with me or does he just not care about my feelings?!

btw- he is pretty clueless


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