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All New...and So Confused

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To make a long story short...I started in this relationship 4 months ago. He's a Navy guy, but not an average one. He's smart, considerate, and overall a really great guy. We knew that he was to be sent to San Diego, but it came all too fast. Our relationship before the day he left was going perfectly. No huge arguments, we got along well and talked about maybe moving in together one day. We got to San Diego and didn't call for 3 days. Then he started calling every other day. We both got web cams and talked. It was great to see each other on the cam. Well...he mentioned that once he gets really busy that he may forget to call or email. I haven't heard from him in 4 days. His cell phone doesn't get reception and he's not answering any emails. All his previous emails were kind and loving. We've even mentioned getting married in the future (after living together for awhile). What I'm getting at is that the military life is new to me. I've never been close to anyone in the service. Is it normal for someone in the navy not to contact you? Should I even be worried at all? I've never felt this much for someone before. Never worried so much about someone like I'm worrying about him. It would be great if other people has had experience with this. Let me know! He didn't seem the type at all to just dump me. He's been gone for 3 weeks now. I guess I just want to have someone to talk to about this situation. : )

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