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Thought I was strong, until he broke NC.

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So have any of you thought that you were actually getting STRONGER, by realizing that you haven't been thinking/crying about your ex for a few days? and then...BAM! he/she contacts you and you go to pieces?


I'm just wondering if that's normal. it's been about 1.5 months and i just got a text from him asking me when he can move my recliner back to my place from his. The text was just so nonchalant..e.g."hope your doing well. Wondering when it would be a good time to move your furniture back to your place?"


I guess my emotions were just all over the place....deep down i felt if i STILL had something at his place that we would still have that connection to each other....and i guess this is closure for both of us. just didn't think that it would be this soon. i mean i told him just keep it for 6 months-1 yr, i don't really care about that damn recliner....seriously i wanted to tell him to give it away or just pay me for it.


That text was so "business like" it just broke my heart since it was the 1st thing that i heard from him after our break up, as if we were just mere acquaintances.


Any of you fall apart after the 1st contact no matter how small/insignificant it was?


Thanks. just need to feel validated now.

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In breakups, everything you feel, everything you go through, everything that's been said is normal. Everyone has gone through it at some point. Of course, that doesn't make it hurt any less. You have to remember that his text was business like b/c he's probably hurting too and he's trying to be strong about the situation. We all are.

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This just happened to me too. After a month and half of NC from me, he decided to call me. He acted so casual. I was so confused afterwards. I guess I saw a little ray of hope, which was completely imaginary on my part!


You just have to be strong. Get back to the place where you were before he contacted you. Don't pick up the phone next time.

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Most of the time they act casual and break the no contact because they feel bad about how they left things. How did I handle it? Horribly. My ex dropped by my dorm to say "hi" with around 14 mutual friends, and closed the door on all of them. But to this day, I've had no regrets to cutting off complete communication again. Even if it meant making an ass out of myself.

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