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date number 2.


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Okay so this evening I had my second date with the same guy I posted about before . If you didn't read the previous thread I shall tell you that the first date seemed to go well. He messaged me last saturday asking if I want to at last minute meet him the next night to do something but I didn't get back to him until it was too late so we arranged to see eachother today. Our first date was a movie, I know thats not the best idea but hey, this isn't sex in the city I'm just a teenager and I hate all these do's and don't but I like some loose guidlines I guess. Anyway today we met up and went for a drink and walked in a park, it was nice, he was a lot more talkative and there was a good flow of conversation generally, a few pauses but nothing bad. We happened to bump into some people he knew from school. This one really crazy girl who he later told me didn't like came with her friend and sat in the corner away from us but occasionally interuppted, they left quickly so that was okay, and then she was like "sooo have fun with your date!" to him. Kinda awkward haha but pleasing to hear that, that is what it looked like. So then we went to another cafe and just talked and then his friend rang him and at last minute changed their poker game to tonight so he had to go, so overall the date was about an hour and a half. He gave me a hug, well I think he may have tried to kiss my cheek but I'm not sure. Question, is it a bad sign if someone doesn't offer to pay for your drink? I dont like guys paying for me but at the same time I always hear and read that offering is a sure sign of interest, is it bad that he didn't? Meh I enjoyed myself, sorry to post so often atm, my friend is out so I cant call her and talk about the date so I'm just rambling to you guys.

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Well, i think he should offer to pay but you guys are under 18. I wouldn't slam a young man for not knowing all the ins and outs of dating etiquette and perhaps he was strapped for cash but still wanted to see you.


It sounds like it went well. I'm glad for yoU!


Yeah we are under 18, to be honest I stood infront of him and got out my money first, quite quickly. I dont like guys paying for me, I'm just used to the idea that they should offer, but I dont think its anything to base how well the date went on.

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