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how pathetic is this


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i looked my ex myspace today via a friend of a friend, i know i shouldnt!!

he posted all these pictures of his new job and i am so torn. he looks so happy without me...which i want him to be.

that being said, his song is some mariah carey song about hurting someone and rewinding time and all that but it sounds like he was hurt, ive come to realize that maybe the guy he cheated with, he really liked and my suspicions of him being rejected could actually be true..maybe its him that got hurt at the same time. ive felt like the songs were for me, even though i deleted him. ive somehow thought that he put them up for himself just expressing how hes feeling, but i have no real evidence either way.

that being said, i feel so pathetic cuz in the new pictures there are a couple in this shirt i gave him, it was my favorite shirt and didnt fit me so i gave it to him...he is wearing it on the road on the road in a couple of pictures.

is it pathetic to think that he even thinks of me when he wears it? i mean i thought he probably never kept any of the things or wore anything i gave him.

im probably just being stupid and he likes the shirt, but then again he gave me shirts that i wear all the time and i think of him for a second when i put them on.


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i see pictures of my ex with everything ive bought him from head to toe. jacket, sweater, even necklace and shoes. (all in one occasion too!)


even though its nice to see that they're wearing our stuff, i doubt it means anything though.. maybe they just really like the way it looks on them.

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My thought is that I really hope you can move on and stop obsessing about this guy! Cherish what you had with him and let it go! You have to move for YOU! You will find love again...but not until you let go of him! Your chioce...new love with all the happiness and great feelings that come with it...or pining away over someone who has moved on with out you??? xx

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yeah i agree lit, i was just curious, this is the site where i come to vent and ask dumb questions and get opinions so i dont drive myself crazy.

we are both online on the same webpage at the moment and it drives me crazy.

i guess its just strange to see some remnant of me on a recent picture, and i suppose i wanted to know if i even enter his mind that i gave it to him

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: ( love hurts doesnt it.


i just look for people to tell me their wishes or thoughts on petty things like that, cuz i know i have pictures of me with shirt he gave me and i always hope he notices...but hes not me i guess, i need to realize that people are not the same in their thoughts.

i suppose somewhere deep down he has some special feelings for me.

even if they arent the In Love kind.

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