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I'm in love with my best friend


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Hi! i'm Caitlin, i'm 14 years old and ya..lol

In july last year, my best friend..lets call him Josh got his first girlfriend. I have never met her but i already practically hated her...for a little while i couldn't figure out why, they i finally realized that i like josh.. of course i couldn't tell him though..I got so jealous ...

Then around my bday in September they broke up and i was so happy...but i still got nervous because i knew i had to make the move and tell him how i feel about him. I finally worked up the courage to tell him that i liked him around the middle of march. I told him over a text, he said it was cute..nothing else..

He didn't tell me that he likes me but i didn't care. So we continued to hang out as much as we could (we go to different skools) and ya. But i cry and think about him alot and i know i would die if i have to for him...and i think i love him

i'm in it way to deep now....and we r best friends so he naturally told me he like a girl at his skool, and i am very jealous...

i hav the feeling he doesn't care about me at all like that..i can't help but feel helpless, like a stupid loser who can't control her dumb feelings.

So now, i know i'm in love with him (he doesn't know i LOVE him, juss that i like him...like that) and i hav no clue whatsoever to do...can anybody help me?!

how do i deal with this?

how do i stop caring about him so much?

is there any hint he might care about me?

and why do i love someone who can't love me back?!


thanx for the help..



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I think that "love" is a strong word. I agree with the above post, you fancyhim. I think that texting your feelings was a good and BAD move on your part. The good I see of it is, you prevented yourself from getting a hurtful response from him. The bad thing is, by you texting him, you gave him the opportunity not to respond at all.


Whenever you like someone it is ALWAYS best to confront them in person. This way you seem more sincere about what you are trying to say and you are more likely to get a response back.


I don't think that this guy shares the same feelings for you as you do for him. I have a few lady friends that all of a sudden "pop" up when I am single and they become my best friend all over again. Once I show interest in another girl however, they disappear like a fart in the wind. lol


the best way to move on from your feelings for this guy is to


1) Confront him IN PERSON

2) Prepare yourself for the response you don't want to hear

3) If he does respond that he likes yous too, don't get overly excited.

4) If he does not share those feelings towards you, don't act all depressed because this can cause him to stray away from even a friendship because he does not want to hurt you.

5) No matter what the response... continue to live your life the best way you know how and remember, you are barely 14 years old, you have plenty of time to experience dating and find that prince charming for you!

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