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The same time? what's that mean!?


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Ok, so I just started my pills this week and I know you have to take them at the same time every night (or day). I took my very first pill at 11:18. I've forgot and remembered a couple times this week (I'm not too worried since I'm not sexually active). So what exactly does "the same time" mean? Can I be a half hour off and still be ok? Can I take it a half hour early if I remember early and think I may forget? or does it mean I have to take it at 11:18 EVERY night?

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Try your best to take it as close to the same time as possible. I have always understood it like this: you have a 3 hour window, 1.5 hours before and 1.5 hours after your designated time. I'm not saying you should always just stay within 3 hours, but a lot of girls I know do that.


I personally take mine at 7:30 am... my alarm goes off, I pop the pill and roll back over. There have been times where I was too groggy to take the pill and I take it a little late. Just do your best to stay close to 11, 11:30!

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Yea it really does differ with each pill although they usually say within a 30 min period or so you are fine any more and you need to take extra precaution. I always tried to stay within that window and I set the time I take mine to a time that I Know for sure I won't forget (for me it's when I start getting my son ready for bed, it's the same exact time everynight and it won't change for a very long time so I use that for my reminder).

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Of course, it's best to take it as close to the same time every day. My doctor personally told me to take it within a 2 hour times span (so for you, from 10:18-12:18). (This is for the regular pill, not the mini pill)


My pills say that a "missed pill" is one that is more than 12 hours late. One missed pill and you are fine, more than that and you need to double up. Personally, I REALLY don't want to get pregnant so I always use condoms.


Read the instructions on your pill packet. (A whole little pamphlet comes inside of mine.) There are a lot of things that get thrown around (1/2 hour, 2 hrs etc ...), but the instructions with your pills should be very clear. And they are specific to YOUR brand/kind of pills.

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