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The Cold Woods (don't ask)


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It's not poetry. Just a dream.



As i stepped outside into the cold woods, the warmth in my hands began to fade and my breath was thick as smoke. I only walked outside because i was alone in my cabin. This is the life I lead. For years I hoped someone would be outside the front door, smiling as the hinges finished creaking.


My past is only memories and this is the place I will die in. I have been banished to this place by choices and I can only have hope that one day somebody will appear. Someone will tread through the snow to meet me with a smile. I can only hope they will tell me it's over. The price has been paid and i'm square with the house. Closure, and peace, comes with them, and it will be worth all their cold steps. That is their command, to close the deal, to hold me and tell me it's over, the disease has left.


Son, you have paid your price, you have been punished enough, you are free to leave the witness stand. Will it bring back what I lost Mr. No, but you are free now and the chains to this cold place are broken. You will be warm in the snow now, and you don't have to stay here.


As i forged my way from the cold woods and the cabin, all the misery stayed there, but i could feel the cold on my back. It wanted me to stay. I had 55 years of my life left to live and I wasn't staying in that cabin. Peace, free, and warm. Goodbye cold woods.

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