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update on my "friend"

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how f dare u start sayin s bwt me to ppl wen u were da 1 who was goin break up me nd rob

f u r

u stay wiv k and stay da f away from me

thought u were my best friend

ur a f b!! u spreadin all dem lies bwt me wen all i wnted to do was f help u

dnt bother tlkin 2 me agen


ur the two faced w vicky.

im telling the truth, get a grip. ur not pregnant, c didnt toss of on cam for you, u didnt get steve done, brooksy never liked u, he wanted a quick f. not that many people would f you.


haha, me ur best friend, thats why u cant tell me the truth EVER, ur f up vicky, whats wrong with you? u haulusinating or something? grow up u childish sl. no one likes u, u have to use the internet to get friends, ur 15, how pathetic.


oh also ur not married to rob u looser, ur FIFTEEN, cant marry until at least 16, and thats only with parental permission. go and get a f life.


im not the one who is messed up rel. thats u. u met loads of ppl on the internet like k ur so called friend who is there for u. rofl. least i dont get used by ppl, i dont get dumped by guys. c did toss off on cam, and yh brooksy did like me and no i never said i had sex with him. lol he's k brother r that would just be sick,ur the one who cuts her wirsts when things go wrong and what do u say "i like doing it" ur a [/i] attention seeker. and yh me and rob are married, done it on net just like we did, but me and rob are real, not like any of ur relationships, they get wat they want from u then leave u. rofl if no one likes me why the insert have i got loads of mates and ppl who care about me.


if im a looser wt* are u, an 18 yr old attention seeking sl^t!!


dont tlk to me agen coz i wont bother replying to any emails or any txts.

and dont expect my mum to tlk to u either, she knows everything, i told her the lot, so before u startcalling me a sl^t and a wh0re, take a long hard look in the mirror


sure u have friends, thats why ur bullied all the time, and have to pretend to be someone ur not just for R. its sad. and people do care about me, haha. if ur on about RJ, haha i was using him anyway. and no C didnt toss off. go get a life, and purlease.. see a doctor... ur mentally ill if u seriously believe all thse lies of yours.


Sigh, ur a lost cause

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erm..... ur sticking up for her? she tried to make me kill myself. ur mean


I don't know the whole situation between you and her...And no i'm not sticking up for her. I just think you would have been the better person to just take the crap she has been saying. I know I wouldn't have, but thats just how I am...Very agrumentative.

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i dont think he's sticking up for her--he's just seeing the logic of it. he's just saying that's how 15 year olds react to things--pointless name calling and all of that. that's why they call it "high school behaviour".


be the bigger person and just walk away. one day when you are older, you'll understand it was a good thing that you did and one day when you two both become adults you may even be able to look at the situation and think it was stupid.

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An edited Precis, from someone who knows what's going on.


Gem's friend has been making up stories, variously, about being married (despite being aged 15. Worse she actually believes that she *is* married) , being pregnant (showing off a picture of a far more advanced scan), about having AIDS, about her mother having cancer, has faked an overdose in an MSN Chat.


I mean its not as if Gem's friend is even particularly good at telling lies either. When challenged she spouted the vitriol in the first quote on Gem's bebo page for all the world to see, not even in a private email.


Gem's understandably a fraction* annoyed about it.





*its a rather large top-heavy fraction.

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