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Could any of these be signals in any way?


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So I was hangin out with a couple of friends, one being a girl I kinda dig. I thought she was acting like she liked me but shes pretty shy (and so am I) so anyway there were some things I noticed.


- I caught her looking at me a few time (at which point she promptlu looke away)

- While we were walking we kept walking really close and touching (not intentionally but neither of us seemed to mind)

- While we were eating we were sitting really close and watching a movie she made on her camera and had our faces right up next to eachother (at which point I was thinking 'boy i wish this other kid wasn't here' lol no to mention it seemed like she was trying to get me close to watch the movie like that)


The last thing that happened was we were gonna go to a movie but I couldn't really do I left and after I said bye and was walking away there was a pause and then she shot back with a 'hey, but we should do it next week' which seemed kinda like she was trying to make a plan of sorts before I left.


Well anyway I prolly am just being stupid but I just want some advice if its safe to push onward.

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I understand what you're saying, you can't quite tell if she's interested or not...


My thoughts?

She might not be "interested" yet, but she definitely doesn't seem "un-interested". What I mean is, she might just think you're fun to hang around with, and she might not look at you as a romantic interest.


Either way, seeing as you're diggin' her, you might as well go and hang out with her! Who knows, maybe you read those hints right! If not, maybe she hasn't even thought about it yet, and the only way to let her know is to go for it!


Just take it slow, become close friends... don't jump at anything just yet. Time will tell all.


Good luck!


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Listen, this is what happened to me.... um.. my boyfriend approched me and called me a few times before we started going out. it was awesome because i love it when guys make the initial move. i wasn't really sure if he was into me though because we seemed to be just friendly... but there were little hints like those you speak of. after a while we would just hang out and both of us were nervous as hell to lean in an make the first move.


after a while though it did happen and things have been solid since then. true, there are ups and downs in every relationship but its a learning process.


my best advice is go for it. like secret agent man said ... she is not not interested. and if she were, what do you have to lose. you cant get anything without taking risks in life. thats why i encourage you to end the teasing and go for it buddy! i'm sure something positive will happen, because everything happens for a reason! even if she does say no.... you will learn from it. but she won`t! go for it!


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