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Your views on interracial relationship (dating etc.)

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Hey - as long as they love each other for who they are, I don't see that it's anyone else's territory to determine what's right or wrong for them. They chose to be together despite their outward differences - the least people can do is give them the benefit of the doubt that they have a good reason for it and know what they're doing.


Personally, I think it takes more strength to get involved in a less "conventional" relationship knowing there will always be people who will judge based on appearances - if they can stick together through that, they have my admiration and respect.

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My view on interracial relationship: we're all humans, is there really a difference? I think it's great when we can all talk and interact with each other.


In fact, I find myself very interested with folks different than myself because they have different views, different cultures, and I find that interesting and enjoy discussing it.


A racial barrier, or anything remotely like that, just doesn't exist for me.

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I LIKE INTERRACIAL COUPLES, they're is no reason to stop.

im black but i luv all races i luv blak women to white women to asians, spaninish

i luv them all race is not an issue and we need to put an end to any racist who is against interracial couples. as long as love is there it is alright

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