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Angry at bf and not sure why

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Me and my b/f have been going out for about 3-4 months, and everything was going good, then he got really depressed and said we needed a break. It hurt me REALLY REALLY bad-it felt like I died inside and all that was left was a throbbing pain. Well, it only lasted around 3 days b4 he realized what a Dumba$$ he was and asked me back out. I was like OK but I told him what he did and didnt hold back anything. I wanted him to hurt like he made me hurt. Well, it's about 3 weeks later and all this anger is welled up inside me and I just hate him for how he treated me. I know I still love him, but happy memories of him hurt. The thought of doing him the way he did me makes me feel like Im in charge and Im giving him what he deserves. He's noticed a slight change I guess-he doesnt say I love you as much but I know when I say it back it sounds so fake. I know this is making him feel really bad, and part of me likes it and part of me hates it. I know I love him but it hurts to think that I may let myself get vulnerable again and have him do this to me again. I havent talked to him about how I feel on this, but its really messing up my head and I dont know what to think-Ive never felt this way before.


Please help! What's wrong w/me?! What can I do??


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You probably need to talk to your boyfriend about the break. Ask him why he did what he did. Tell him what you felt and what you feel. And once you can understand each other fully and thoroughly, try to forgive. We all have our faults. Its good to know what your partner's limitations are and consciously avoid "hitting" them.


But more importantly perhaps I/we feel your situation and believe you will get out of it in time. But try not to let your reaction make him feel his coming back is not worth it. Try to let him know that the difference is only because of the fears instilled in you because of his "break".


I doubt that this would be all you would need to do, but it would be a start!



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I think that you need some closure on why he wanted to let you go in the first place. Have a talk about it with your bf, hopefully u will get the closure that u deserve and you can finally move on with your feelings either with him or without him. People make mistakes, he realized that he did, its up to u if u really are willing to give him a second chance to ur heart.


Good luck

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I understand that it hurt you when he broke up with you, but there is a difference between that and anger. If he wasn't going after other girls or trashing you, you really shouldn't be angry. He did what was right for him. If you really loved him, you would not react like this.


This may sound harsh, but it sounds like you are overly-possesive, and that is what drove him away. Honestly, this is your issue, not his. Things can't be undone, and you will never be happy with him because of this.

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