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girls are complicated

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I think it means that you should try to move on with your life while not closing the door on her totally. She may or may not come back. who knows? A guy that is on the verge of slipping into the hands of someone else may be more attractive to her than someone sitting around waiting for her to make up her mind. Who knows!

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Hey Stiker


The answer to your question for me is no, however, I did want to do that once. Everyone has different meanings, some may mean, I don't think I love you anymore but just to be in case, I'll say I still do so you can be my backupplan. In my case, and I'm still not sure. I know that I love her wif all my heart, but we're totally opposite people and the only thing keeping us together is our love for one another, however, we still don't get where that's from. Anyway, she's pretty happy with who I am, however, on the other hand, I have a lotta problems with her and often think about breaking up but I'm just too afraid to hurt her and I wanna see if time will change anything for her. She's better now so I hope more time will make more differences.


It's like the saying "the thing you fall in love with could be the thing u can't live with" that thing could b shoes, clothes anything, it could look good for a while or with something else but not good when you have it, you get what i mean...


And it was true, another reason would've been I need 2 find who I am first and I don't know why that works but it does, when you're so in love wif someone, you think about them more than urself, so the only way to find who u are and do things for urself again is to get away from them for a while.


I'm not sure what your girl meant but from a guy, that's what i meant and other possibilities too.


Hope that helped

Happy Heb

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som people do say that to let people down easily, but why dont they just come out with the truth because when people say it with meaning we are directly set with those who are doing it just ''to let down easily.''

i dont reackon thats right its the same with love, hate its all too easily done.


anyway people can truly still love you, there are circumstances where you just cant get back together.


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