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Me and my ex broke up about 3 months ago...she broke up with me and it was one of those that was a huge surprise to me. One day everything was fine, and the next, she didnt want to be in a relationship anymore. I was absolutely crushed because this was the second time this had happened. She is my first true love and I miss her terribly. We have not talked to one another in over 2 months and for the most part, i have been doing ok. This past sunday, i went to pick up food at a local bar/restaraunt and I saw her there. I know she saw me and she was very uncomfortable...she was sitting with 2 or 3 guys. For the past 4 days, i have walked around like i have been hit in the stomach and feel like I have fallen backwards a few steps. I am looking at this as a bump in the road, but I didnt think it would get to me like it has. We did not talk at the bar, i got my food and left...i certainly wouldnt go up to her, not while she was sitting with guys...i was so jealous, maybe more so that she is moving on and I am still having a hard time with it. I have thought about calling her...today I have a cat scan...i have already had an MRI for really bad headaches...she knows about this and has not called once....she was my best friend and I am so lonely...to top it off, i met a girl sat. night that I really dug and she gave me her number...i didnt ask for it, she just gave it to me...it was not a real number and then I saw her last night and she totally avoided me...why do people do that....i miss my ex so much and I am not sure how I am going to get through the holidays...to even think about New Years makes me cry...any support out there would be appreciated..

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I know how you feel. I'm in a similar situation. I thought that my ex was the one and he broke up with me out of the blue. It has been 2 months and from what I get he is moving on and doing much better than me. I still think of him constantly. It's the hardest thing to do but I've made as little contact with him as possible. It doesn't seem fair to love someone so much and not be able to be with them. He was my best friend and I would do anything for him. I know he still loves me and cares about me but then again he doesn't seem to be having a hard time with this. I just think that people deal with things differently. I'm sure your ex thinks about you but she might think this is the best thing right now. She also might have seemed uncomfortable because she feels guilty for hurting you and doesn't know how you feel towards her. This is what my ex told me when I asked him why he seemed so cold last time we talked. All I can say is give it time. Time will heal anything and all you can do is give her her space. If she does realize what you two had then she'll contact you. In the meantime, it's important to keep busy.

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Hey man i know its tough but u got to hang in there for ure self respect;


my advice Dont call,, no point if she dosent bother ;


as for that no not being the right one with the other girl .. it could be she by mistake wrote a wrong digit on the paper and ...now avoided u becasue she feels that u never called !!


go talk to her like hey , so wassup and see how she responds ..also ask her whether the no is correct ..hey what do you have to lose!!


hang in there

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Shy guy hit it right on the head. My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago and I was crushed. I didn't get out of bed for at least a few days. Believe me, there is nothing anyone can say or do to make you feel better BUT one day I while searching online and reading articles about how to get over breakups I kind of pumped myself up and thought why do I need to be the one feeling sad. She dumped me, she will realize what she lost, let her be sad.


I then decided that I needed to move on. I didn't know what she was up to but I thought why should she move on and me be sad. So since, I have been talking to every girl that I think is cute and get their numbers. She heard I was going out on dates and believe it or not, she's the one that's been staying home not me.


Don't get me wrong, I still care about her and hope to get back together, but I keep moving forward and keep telling myself I can move on faster and better than she can. Her loss not mine.


That is the only thing that has worked and if we get back together fine, if not I am sure I will meet someone new. One thing I know for sure is that she will realize what she lost, sooner or later.



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i think there is nothing to lose if you'll call.... girls are always seeking for attention and assurance...a lot of women have regretted their decision of breaking up....usually they just demand time...attention and affection and how far could you go for her....i call it quits with my ex because i am not sure of his feelings towards me... i want to see if he is really interested in me.... now we feel so awkward at work...we both look miserable...i don't know if we both feel the same...or if he is happy with what i've done...or even grateful at me for letting him go....the thingis i'll never know...he never ask...he's just mad at me...often pride does end up what could be a good future...and unless we'll be brave enough to find out...we'll really never know...and keepon wondering...its not wrong to bow down...try to see what could be the reason on your side...but remember that you should have limits...by then you would find out if she is worthy or not... my good luck to you.

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I don't necessarily agree with you and your actions. If you wanted to see if your boyfriend really cared about you, why not sit down and talk like adults. Tell eachother exactly how you feel and be honest with eachother. Breaking up with him only hurt him and yourself and confused him because now he thinks you don't want to be with him.


What you did was give him an opportunity to meet someone else that will not play games with him like you are doing. If you honestly want to be with him, talk to him and see where you guys stand as a couple.


Pride can leave you lonely and sad sometimes.

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