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I have a g/f now and I truly love her, but I cant show it


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hi, I've been posting on and on about this girl. Heres the link link removed


The good news is that we are officially going out, but I havent gotten really intimate with her since friday. We say we're going out now and I havent hung out with her since we got drunk, but when I see her at school it's like we're just friends again. Its so weird. Im 17 and I havent had a girlfriend before in my life. Just friends that are girls. My question is...what do you guys and girls think I should do with her to keep her with me and how should I be around her during school? I think I love her, but I dont know how fast is to fast and how slow is to slow in a relationship. We've been "going out" for 4 days, but I just saw her for the first time today since the 1 st day we decided to go out. I've talked to her every day on the phone though. I just need some help on how to act around a girlfriend considering how we just recently started going out. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Greetings siefer,


I would find out what she enjoys doing and do that with her or suggest doing something that u like see how she takes 2 it. Maybe she wants u 2 give her more attention. U know that u love her then show ur feelings towards her, dont show to much but take it gently she might then open up more and u will enjoy ur selfs alot more by being with each other.


Best of luck


- whitefang

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Congrats dude.


School: Well around school I would suggest to keep things a little quiet for the first little bit. Gossip spreads pretty quickly. Go out on some dates before you start to tell people. It can be embarrising that if you told everyone at school you were dating a certain girl and it flopped on the first date. Be cool at school, maybe give her a secret wink here and there. Dont expect that you will be lovey dovey at school. Keep that outside of school.


On the date: Don't rush things. Just because you have a gf, doesn't mean you have to do everything with her or for her. Let things flow naturally. Don't pressure her into anything for she might get scared. Remember she is nervous too. Be yourself. Dont worry about how to act. Dont try to be a person you are not. Dont worry about being the man she wants. If she likes you for who you are, then its all good. Just be yourself and have fun. Its ok to be a bit affectionite on the first date but dont expect anything. Holding hands is nice, maybe even a kiss on the cheek at the end of the date would be acceptable. If she likes you, then there will be more dates and you will be able to get a little closer to her every time.


Love vs Lust: Everyone thinks they are in love on their first gf. Love comes after a time, it is the eternal bond. You definitely are feeling lust though and its a good thing.


Just remember. This is a learning experience for you. Don't expect to marry this girl for it isn't likely that you will. People generally go through 3-5 relationships before you find the right person at the right time. Just have some fun. Be yourself.


Good luck.

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