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Do all men lie?

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Do all men lie? And what do you lie about? It just seems like a lot of guys I know or have been out with lie to me. It's hard for me to trust now because I have dealt with so many liars, even the men in my family. Why do they lie? And if somene can like and make it seem so believable then how do you know when a man is actually telling the truth or not. How would you ever know?

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everyone lies. men lie alot, and i would probably say we are good at it. but then again females lie as well. i dont think anyone can truthfully argue with that.


There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.


from my past experience, i unfortunately have to and do to some extent support the saying 'don't trust anyone'- or at least dont depend on them too much for anything. some people may not lie, but they will 'spin' it, so again can u trust that type of person.


unfortunately from my experience, i have to say i come accross as pessimistic. everyone seems to have a secret agenda deep inside for whatever they do or say. thats just my 2 cents on it though.

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Hmmm, are you talking about lying in a relationship? I suppose everyone tells little "white lies" occasionally, even women. But becoming a habitual liar is not good. But no, not all men are liars. You've probably just been mingling with the wrong crew.


But hey, if you can't trust people, you're going to be lonely....

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lol I don't think any sexes lie more and hey if u lie urself then there's gonna b ppl out their who lie just as much, no matter how lil u lie, u'll still lie everynow and then, we can't help it, it's the easy way out sometimes...


o lol, i was just reading the second page posts and Cid's already made this point in a way. Why critisize someone who u do it urself, are u any better?


Men dont all llie a lot and there's definitely those who don't all lie as much at the end of the day, do we really know the truth itself, or what we're told and what things represent?


Happy Heb

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I think that women tend to tell white lies here and there, but it's not to hurt anyone. Other lies that women might tell are lies to their parents, especially to strict ones.


To get to the point here, I think that a lot of young men, mostly in their 20's, tend to lie a lot...depending on how close their relationship with the opposite sex.


I don't want to label, but it's true. I do agree with previous posts though, you can't always easily trust what people say.


People who lie are pretty pathetic. I mean, what's there to lie about right. Women tend to be honest, because they don't have anything to lie about.


Based on experience, I know that lying is not good, b/c one way or the other, the truth will always come out...


So, be careful with the lies that you tell, b/c it will someday come back to bite your butt!!!

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i would say no not all men lie.

but do all women tell the truth? no they dont.


i dont know wy people lie and its always dependant upon their life, situation, dilemma, or a reflex of speech. you cant really pin point it to one or two things. all i would have to say is that you dont truly gain anything through lying.

anyone got a different opinion or reason for that not being so? because thats only my opinion lol



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All men do not lie if you noticed that the majority of men you've been with lie your probally one of those girls which are attracted to jackasses and jerks ( sadly it seems the majority of girls are like this) But its not your fault or anything jusst try to finds a nice gy and get to know him to the point that you know he won't lie to you. you have to know him for a while before you can hve relationship where you know he will not lie. trust me all men don'tt lie but the majority of people men and women do

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The kind of men most women like definitely do - lies make the relationship more exciting and dramatic for the girl

Ignorance is bliss...


I think lying is just the human condition and male/female makes no difference. We are deceitful to cover our flawed nature.


It would seem to me that perhaps men may be more likely to actively lie straight to your face, while women lie more subtly, behind the back, omitting some things, adjusting some perception.


But then I could be wrong,

I'm not a very good liar.




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The kind of men most women like definitely do - lies make the relationship more exciting and dramatic for the girl


The kind of men most women don't like (the honest and sincere types) don't - the guy is too nice, boring, and predictable


That is true. I don't really want to think of my man lying though. I'm afraid of hurt and I don't want to be crushed or something of that sort. I'm easily tendered but yet I go for the "not so nice" men that give me excitement - along with my freedom.


If a nice guy comes along.. it's not that fun. Somehow spice it up or whatever. But then again - there are guys out there that ARE nice, and they are just male. It's just them.

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