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Social retard seeks advice

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Ive been kind of socially distant most of my life. Up until recently I didnt talk to people, and spent most of my nights at home, by myself. My parents forced me to get involved in outside activities, otherwise I would have been at home the entire time. Ive had a few friends, but we drifted apart.


Im getting tired of it. I want to get out more and hang out with people, and Im kind of starting to. Ive started to talk to people outside of "yes" and "no" and I have initiated some conversations. I got a job a couple of weeks ago, so I kind of had to, which i guess jump started my wanting to change.


Girls scare the crap out of me. Big time. They always have. Ive never been on a date or anything like that. Im 18, almost 19, and I want to now.


Anyhoo, you know how when your in a class after a day or two you know where everyone normally sits? Well, I noticed that one girl gradually moved around from the other side of the class until she sat directly in front of me and stopped. I somehow worked up the courage to initiate a conversation with her, and it was kind of awkward being as how i couldnt hear her over my heart beating so loudly, but i got through it. Its been a couple of weeks, and now im not so nervous when I talk to her.


Well, shes not doing so well in the class. She asked me if I understood it, because she might be looking for a tutor. That of course nearly made my heart burst out of my chest, and I mumbled out something like "yea i think i do" but I didnt offer (stupidly). We havent exchanged names, but I know hers because she doodled it on her desk.


Anyone think she might be interested? I was thinking about asking her out after we got to know each other better. Am i reading too much into this? Thanks for the help.

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i'm 23.5 years old. Sometimes i think i'm a little old, but not too ancient yet.

so does she like you???? if a girl moves from the other side of the class does she like you??? not always, but if she didn't like you she would have moved again. so logically your only choice is to try it out. If it doens't work, it doesn't. If it does well, good for you.

If your a little nervous try a group date. there isn't any pressure to kiss (first date kisses can be awkward) it's more fun, and they are just better. Single dates are great, but try a group date for your first. i would try something creative too. like buy some army men and rubber bands and compete and try target practice.

playgrounds are good places to play.

go tobogganing and bring hot cocoa.

play lego together.

fun board games.

Attempt yoga together.

Play get to know you games.


just something fun and creative, girls love that.


hope this helps, i've been there before.

Steve "the experience" Godfrey

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Dont feel bad I did not go on a date until I was 18 and now I am 20 I am still shy but I am starting to get over it, just ask her out to get some coffie or something like that and set up a studdy date to get to know her better then go on a real date later but dont wate to long or you will get the dreaded we are too good of friends bit.

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From what u've said it sounds like she's taking an intrest in u. If ur are thinking of asking her out i would suggest getting to know her first. Dont rush in after getting to know her either, if u are not 2 sure see what kind of signals u get from her in class next.


Best of Luck!


- whitefang

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