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Is it love? or are we just friends?

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Okay, I've known my friend since 7th grade. We've been good friends since then. We're in 10th grade now...and he goes to a different school...(I started liking him around 8th grade). We're always talking, especially online. Sometimes he says things that seem to make it obvious that he likes me...But I dunno. He's a a really nice guy...He's every girl's dream: cute/sexy/hott/sweet/very smart/athletic/caring/romantic... He's single and looking. We have some things in common; we both "understand" one another. I feel so comfortable around him..and so does he..he told my friend that he feels comfortable around me, and my friend told me!...Am I his next girl? Thanx 4 reading! XOXO

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Ask him if he has met anyone to date:


If he says no, reply "well you know I am single and looking too". that should be an obvious hint towards him for him to ask you out if he does like you.

If he says yes, comment along the lines "I think I would be better" or something (can't think of a yes, but if he does like you, he wouldn't say yes to hurt you or devoid from it. IF he was frank, completely honest, he would let you know)

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