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Frustrating weeks


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Been dating a guy for 3 months who is absolutely amazing! He does all of the "little" things that girls love. He has already taken me to meet his entire family and friends over the holidays. . who I get along with very well! He has met a few of my family members and friends and gets along with them too! He has already told me that he has fallen in love with me. He texts me randomly to tell me how much he loves me and too "always remember that".

However, we have a HUGE communication gap during the week that frustrates me to no end!!! If we are together we are perfect. We laugh, talk, go out and have fun. Then as soon as the Monday work week starts the communication is gone. If I text him a question it usually takes him hours to respond (I know he is bored out of his mind at work every day). And he responds constantly with one word answers. I see him everynight b/c him and I are in a class together but we don't talk there and he is constantly talking to my friend that goes to the class with me. just not me. But I will go out to my car after the class and there will be flowers on my window. Once we leave the class he does not call or anything and I will get a text that says "Goodnight Babe. I love you more than anything". I think this is very odd??? When I do call him or something during the week it is the same thing. . One word answers and the conversation is very uncomfortable. Come Friday when we get to hang out together. . . Everything is great again.

Any suggestions? I have brought it up and he promised me that he would do everything possible to change this pattern of communication so I have tried to be patient but it keeps happening. I am at a loss.

Please help!

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well at first upon reading this i thought 1- work is work and no matter how bored you are you shouldnt be texting/talking on the phone so he doesnt 2- he doesnt call after class be you guys have just seen each other all afternoon/eveening and he doesnt want to be up you butt. so its odd to call someone who you just sat with for hours (eventhough class time is not quality time). i do this to my bf sometimes as we work together. as much as i always want to be with him i give him space on the weeknights bc we see each other 5 days a week at work whether he likes it or not ahahah.


all his actions show you he cares. i guess the best you can do is ask for a 10 minute call before bed everynight (which i do liek clockwork) instead of a text.

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We actually don't speak in class. It is only an hour long class and we don't drive together or anything. We don't even really speak. The friend that I go to the class with and him usually talk for about 5 minutes before it begins. And that is it. When we leave it is usually just a " see you later "

And although I agree w/u about the work thing. . . He plays his Nintendo DS all day at work. Trust me, texting is not that big of a deal. We have discussed this before.

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not to sound to harsh, but you can't expect him to spend every second doting after you...trust me, that will get old for both of you very soon. i think everything sounds great the way it is...maybe even a bit more than great. i mean, he's leaving flowers for you on your car. the anticipation alone is enough to keep a new relationship fresh and exciting. enjoy it.

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sweetie, you have nothing to worry about. he is really probably tired from work and class and rpobably is exhausted to spend time on the phone. he sees you everyday (even though short time), but he is leaving you flowers and texting you random e-mails. it keeps things fresh for the weekend. things sound just lovely. yes, you can ask for a ten min phone call to say goodnight and maybe a short call during the day at work (during his lunch) but he has to have a life outside of you, too. he probably has other things he needs to do as well. gpod luck, he sounds just great.

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At my last job, I worked with 2 people who were girlfriend/boyfriend who would work with each other sometimes 8 hours a day and except for break/lunch not really say a word to each other


Its normal. you cant spend every waking moment talking to each other. If you do, you will hate each other. You are his, he's not going anywhere, he knows he will go home and talk to you so its totally normal for him to fraterenise with other people instead of you

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