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Dont like to be alone when i go somewhere

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yeah i can understand that completely, its weird for me that someone thinks there home is like the safest place because for when im alone in my own home i feel so isolated and find it difficult to feel comfortable.


i guess thats really weird but i just feel so awkward and usually find myself sitting in one space all the time unless someone else is there.


whilst going out i like to have my friends with me but for some reason i dont feel as bad being out alone than being home alone.

weird i guess but thats me. i guess its because im located on a dead end private road so i feel as if anythinhg was to happen theres no where to go.


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I must be the oddball here, because I'm generally happier on my own than in company, unless it's something I specifically planned for company on.


I love my personal space and thinking space. One of the hardest things for me to get used to when I was married was sharing all my space with another person - I was an only child, and never had roommates, so this was really foreign to me.


Don't get me wrong, I love my friends dearly, but ofttimes I enjoy going places, especially places like the bookstore, alone, where I can browse around at my own pace.


Hmm, I wonder, any of you grow up with close sibs or in larger families? And any other onlies here who really enjoy being alone?

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With me i just hate being alone.....especially at home..there is noone to talk to or look at and i hate the fact of being by myself. maybe i picked up this habit by my girlfriend because she lives far away and i get to see her every 3 months and whenever she lives i cry alot and have seperation anxity.

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