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Skaters! ? ! ? !


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A month or so ago i met steve, who is a skater. I thought things would work out between us but they didnt seem to. But the problem is that he skate boards downtown in my city every day. I drive by him every day too lol. And now all of a sudden i think skaters are so hto adn talented also. I am now somewhat obsessed with seeing skaters lol.....but to an extent, im not literally obsessed.


How do i either start talkin to steve again, or start talkin to some of his friends. Lately ive been so emotional and wanting of a boyfriend. I kno the saying that u will find someone special once u stop looking, but i cant stop looking because i really really want a boyfriend. Preferably a skater or steve. lol im sorry im jsut major venting, i want to cry wen i see them.


My best guy friend told me that skaters are 75% about their skating, 10% abotu their family, 10% food, and 5% everything else. He said unfortunately that last 5% includes girls. He knows this because he;s a skater lol. do u find this to be true.....if u are or kno skaters. im sorry to say "skaters" so much..but thats what they are lol

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okay, first of all I skate..I don't consider myself a "skater" but daYum!! I can tell you one thing for sure. You learn how to skate, or at least make the effort to learn, and those skater boys with be ALL over you girl!! there aren't too many skater girls out there, so you'd be unique, even if you aren't all that good, guys would at least consider you unique, because not too many girls even try. Just a tip that worked out perfectly for me so Sk8 for fun girl!!

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Skaters are like others in sports they love, for example Surfers or Dirt bikers etc.


they are in it because its fun, hard, and exciting. and this is what your attracted to.


You wanna be that gal cheering your guy on, free spirited and all. you want to have some guy like that take some time off and make you feel special. and you will feel special cause he is not skating at that moment to be with you.


Well here is the deal, you wanna meet skaters, hang out where they hang out. most these guys have a hangout where they meet, just be visable, yeah they like to skate but they are also guys, it wont take long before one wants to skate into your heart, (or other slippery slopes).


good luck

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i had the same problem a few months ago with my ex- all he wanted to do was skate .... but he wanted me to be there too..... but it got boring for me cause i wasnt gettin the attention i thought i deserved.... then one day i decided i wanted be part of it... so i asked him to teach me..... 1: he thought it was a great idea... maby to boast his skateing ego...2: he would love to have a gf who skates...3: it was fun to do together ... we spent lots more time together and became closer.... just ask one of the guys to teach u.... trust me he'll love it !!!

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I'm a skater and yeah skating does get to be a BIG part of life, but it's not the only thing that we do, but try to learn how to skate. Personally I think that skater girls are pretty cool, just cuz there aren't a lot of them around..so grab a board and try to learn, have steve teach you, ask him where he usually skates and tag along. Good luck.



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