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I want my ex back

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My boyfriend split up with me about a month ago, it was completely out of the blue, there was nothing wrong. He said he still loved me, but the spark had gone and he didnt like me as much as he used to.


When we split up he was in as much of a state as i was. Recently he started being really nasty to me, and I found out he had a new girlfriend, who is the complete opposite to me in every way and not the type of person he normally goes for.


When I split up with my ex before, I went on the rebound like he did, I wasn't nasty to my ex because i didnt want to hurt him anymore than i already had. Is he being nasty because hes trying to block out feelings for me? and is there any chance of him wanting me back? I still really love him!

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gemsie, normally when someone is nasty or saying/doing bad things towards you, it is because they are trying to justify to themselves why they have left or for the things they have done.


Coming from a guy, I can tell you now, his being mean/cruel in they ways he talks to you or acts, is because of that. He wants to justify what he has done and he wants to make it easier on himself.


Honestly, in my own opinion, it is time for you to come out and ask him the big question. "Do YOU want to work things out with me or do WE move on forever?"


Dont play games with him, as it will only make him think he can do what he wants too you and he can still have you back.


Hit him where it hurts and that is by hitting him head on with the truth about the future.


Hope this helps oh and btw, sorry for what you are going through. I know it hurts!

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Your best move at this point would be to move on in your life. Take a break and get yourself together mentally. Rebound or not, he has moved on in his life. The best move for you at this point is to do the same.


When his relationship fails and he finds out that you have moved on. You may cross his mind again. He will respect you that you didn't put your life on hold for him.


Be strong your journey will not be easy but you will make it with the help of your friends and family.


Good luck to you.

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His actions are easily stemming because he is not the one without. It always takes someone to have something going already to feel more confident about their actions that the next person isnt going to affect it. Maybe a portion of his actions is referred back to your initial breakup with him, but honestly, and im sorry, he is moving on. The truth will hurt but if you do not blatently ask if there is any hope, you will drive yourself crazy. And you will have to prepare yourself for either response. You can love someone forever without being together, but never underestimate what life can recycle back into your life.

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